Do you like to play Red Dead Redemption 2 Online without spending real money? Then you are in the right place. The new Red Dead Redemption Megathread will show you all the possible ways to get money or gold bars.

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The new Red Dead Online is amazing

But as any other online game it has microtransactions and virtual currencies which influences the gameplay. How? Well, you might confront another player that has spent hundreds of dollars. Most likely you will lose. Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer is more fun when you spend some money and take whatever item you want. But, if you are not willing to spend your real money, we have some solutions for you. It doesn’t matter if you play it on PC, PS4, PS5 or Xbox One, singleplayer or multiplayer they can be used anytime you want.

Red dead redemption 2 money glitch

Glitches are small bugs that players find when they play the game. These bugs can give you an advantage, in our case unlimited money. Usually, these bugs are patched as soon as they are made public. So, if you found one try it as soon as possible as it might not work tomorrow. This is one of the reasons behind all those updates the game has. RDR2 money glitches are different in the online version of the game, make sure the glitch is for the correct version.

How do you find these money glitches?

There are a lot of glitches discovered, the trick is to find one before a patch is released. Below you can find a few working red dead redemption 2 money glitches that we personally tested and they worked.

Another method to stay up to date with the latest money glitches is to subscribe to youtubers that play the game. Here are a few channels that you might like: LampsGaming, OnlyPVPCat, The Masterpiece.

Remember, to do a glitch you have to do certain actions in the game. Most of them require to go to a place on the map. For example, one of them required to go to a cave and open a chest. Each time the chest was opened the same amount of money was inside. So, if you visited the location ten times you could get ten times the money. Unfortunately, this glitch was patched long time ago.

Now you know how a rdr2 money glitch works. If you do not manage to find a working one read below because we have more ways for you to get free money in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red dead redemption 2 cheats

Do you remember “HESOYAM” or “BAGUVIX”? Well, the old Rockstar feel is back in RDR2. You get the chance to use differ cheat codes in the game. The process is easy once you know the commands. The following tutorial is the same for all players no matter they play on PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

Beware once you activate a cheat code you will get a warning from the game. This waring means that you cannot save your progress or you cannot collect trophies. Is up to you to use them.

You will notice the game does not have a classic console where to enter the codes, instead there is a dedicated menu for this. From this menu you can toggle them off and on once you activate them. This means you only have to enter them once and they will be saved on a list.

How to enter cheat codes in RDR2

While in the game, pause it and open the Settings menu. You will notice in the bottom right corner a button called “cheats”, press it. Voila, you will see a list of locked rows. Bottom right you will see “Enter Cheat”, press it and start typing the cheats you want. Once you start entering them you will notice how different rows are unlocked with your code in there. From now on they will stay there on the list. Ok, let’s see the list:

CodeCode effect
Greed is now a virtueGet $500
Death is silenceAdd stealth weapons
A simple life, a beautiful deathAdd basic weapons
History is written by foolsAdd Gunslinger side mission weapons
ShareUnlock every camp upgrade
Eat of knowledgeLearn every crafting recipe
Vanity. All is vanityUnlock all outfits
Be greedy only for foresightInfinite dead eye
Balance. All is balanceSet honor to neutral
You revel in your disgrace, I see Set honor to minimum
My kingdom is a horseAdd horse bonding level
Better than my dogCall horse from anywhere
You flourish before you dieFills all your meters
Seek all the bounty of this place Permanently fills all your meters
You want more than you haveSpawn a better horse
Run! Run! Run!Spawn a racehorse
A fool on commandYou get drunk
Keep your dreams lightSpawn a horse
Keep your dreams simpleSpawn a wagon
The best of the old waysSpawn a stagecoach
You want something newSpawn a horse
You want everyone to go awayRemove your bounty
You want freedomDecrease wanted level
You want punishmentIncrease wanted level
Guide me better Dead Eye level 1
Make me better Dead Eye level 2
I shall be better Dead Eye level 3
I still seek more Dead Eye level 4

These are some cheats that can only be used if you own certain newspapers. The newspapers can be found in certain locations as described below. Notice that you cannot enter the cheat code before you own the newspaper even if you know it.

CodeCode EffectNewspaperAvailability
Abundance is the dullest desireinfinite Ammo Newspaper Hanover 27/Saint Denis 43 available in Chapter 2
Greed is American Virtue heavy Ammo Heavy Ammo available in Chapter 3
You long for sight and see nothingremove Fog of War Newspaper Saint Denis 47 available in Chapter 3
Virtue unearned is not virtue increase Honor Newspaper Saint Denis Times 48 available in Chapter 4
The lucky be strong evermoreinfinite StaminaNewspaper Saint Denis Times 49 available in Chapter 5
You seek more than the world offers full Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Newspaper Saint Denis Times 52available in Chapter 6
You are a beast built for war spawn War HorseNewspaper Saint Denis Times 53 Epilogue
Would you be happier as a clown? create Circus Wagon Newspaper Saint Denis Times 54 Epilogue

Red dead redemption 2 Private Lobby

First of all, private lobbies are only available in RDR2 Online. This means that you can create a lobby where you and your friends will play together. No one can interfere with you. But here comes the trick, being just you by yourself means you can do what you want. There are a lot glitches that happen only in a private lobby. For example, spawning legendary animals for you to hunt or money glitches at the poker tables. It up to you to find a good working glitch.

Red dead redemption 2 Generator

Why should you use a generator? This is obvious, to get more gold bars or money indirectly. Since this service is available more then 200k users have used it already. More than 50% are returning customers who were pleased and want to get more. Why, you could say, when you can get millions one time. Well, we recommend to not get greedy. Do not generate enormous amounts because you don’t want to get attention.

Dominate the west!

Do not forget, just because you got unlimited Gold Bars doesn’t mean that you should overreact. Indeed, it is cool to hack RDR2 and get millions of Gold Bars for free, but many people do not know about that. You will face the anger of other players when you will swim in gold. People get angry easily, especially those that spend real money and are still behind you.What is the solution for this, for you to stay protected? Generate small amounts every day. Whenever you need just use our Red Dead Online Cheat and add a few more.

How does it work?

I want to remember that this is the only working generator for RDR2. Do not trust other websites that claim to offer this kind of service.We have tested them, and they don’t work. Before you begin you might check our tutorial page and see the video tutorial we have uploaded there. It is a step by step guide made by an active user of us.

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